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Indiana, Ohio and southern Pennsylvania have seen a surge in interest in the US tourism industry in recent years. Interest also increased in the regions further south, such as New York and New Jersey, as well as in Indiana and Ohio.

Many Midwestern ski resorts, including Lake Michigan, the Great Lakes and the Ohio River Valley, offer off-piste opportunities. Many of these outposts off the beaten track follow their own paths and can offer a whole day of adventure.

If you're in the area, be sure to visit the picturesque campus of Urbana University to visit the Johnny Appleseed Museum. Finally, I would suggest to the Anderson Township Trustees that they try to raise funds for a trail that links two of Ohio's most popular bike paths, the Great Lakes and the Ohio River Valley. We would not recommend these trails for small children who want to go on bike rides.

The Swedish philosophy of the university founder, followed by John Chapman, this one - a room by the roadside is the home of a normal man who mythologised an American folk legend. Built in 1908 for tycoon Burton Westcott, the house is a shining example of modern architecture and a great place to visit in Ohio. We have long visited the Shawnee Indians, who occupied this area long before European - American and American colonization.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the village became home to the Funk Hall of Fame and the Museum, one of Ohio's most famous music venues. Back then, it was just a small bar and restaurant with a few bars and restaurants, but in its place stood an incredible mural welcoming revellers to the historic Oregon District. During this time, however, there was a "Funk Hall and Fame Museum" and it is a great place to visit.

If you are looking for a way to do a hill or rock climbing training, this is the one for you. The path is named after the Five Mile Road, which it runs along for large stretches of its southern half. It starts at the Newtown Road Trailhead in the Turpin Hills and the first 70 miles are covered in a relatively short time, starting in Newtown, Ohio, south of the city of Newtown.

Then we went to Lancaster, where there are a number of options for drinking and eating. We traveled to Westcott House, which requires a reservation and hefty entrance fee to admire the always-free masterpiece of folk art, the Hartman Rock Garden. On the way home, I stopped to visit tiny, curious Logan, who is as exotic as he sounds. It's about eating a Buckeye (a ball of peanut butter dipped in chocolate) and watching a Buckeye college football game while I was working at an Ohio health care facility.

The hotel is located four miles from Lake Erie and is known to be a year-round party destination. This southern Ohio location is a nature lover's dream come true, just a short drive from the Ohio State University campus. The amusement park covers 364 hectares and is located on the shores of Lake Huron at the southern end of the Great Lakes, south of Cleveland.

The Century Bar offers a closed atmosphere and a great opportunity to learn about how important Dayton has been in the history of our state and our nation. Granville is more than a day trip, with the historic Buxton Inn, which has been in operation continuously since 1812. It includes a restaurant, bar, hotel, museum and even a museum of Dayton's history and culture.

This idyllic farmhouse feels like the perfect place for a dinner provided by Backcountry BBQ, and you can get a great view of the Ohio River from the back porch. The trail is on the right, while the two car parks are in the town of Granville, just a few miles south of downtown.

Catherine Curley, who teaches children ages 5 to 18, says that three times as many people are enrolling today than before the pandemic. Kettering has 20 parks with a total area of 284 hectares and is an important outdoor meeting point, where the Dayton Philharmonic also holds summer concerts. Woodland is one of the nation's first garden cemeteries and offers a good view of Dayton's inspiring skyline. While this attraction always stands out as a highlight, recent additions such as a new amphitheatre, community garden, open-air theatre and even a covered bowling alley make the village a welcome retreat from the urban hustle and bustle.

She earned her master's degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Kettering College in 2016 and is a member of the Ohio Pharmacist's Association and the Board of Directors of the American College of Pharmacy. She is currently a board member of the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association and the National Association of Health Professionals.

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