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I remember working there and winning a free sandwich voucher for the 49ers from a radio station in town. Fries were 12 cents, cheeseburgers 17 cents and milkshakes 25 cents. If the hamburger cost 15 cents or if burger and fries cost 10 cents and fries 12 percent.

The last time I drove around was in summer '72 and I was always lucky enough to have access to the Sandybebs on the east side of the city, which are just a few blocks away. I've always hated going to the mall, but now that I've pushed myself out of the mall, it seems like I need to start going to Meijers, KMart and Walmart to go for a quick shopping spree that I can go out on.

There are plenty of restaurants in terms of appearance, unlike local mom-and-pop restaurants. The third uphill road is at the intersection, where you turn right to get to Smithville.

In the late 1960s, I think there was a JC Penney store and Long John Silvers was at the entrance to the store.

I worked there as a hairdresser in the early 1960s, and in the area where the bank is now, there was a shop and then a grocery store.

I can't remember the name, but I remember there was a fight and it was on the local news. It would be interesting to see if Dayton has become a bigger city and if the building is still standing. I remember Long John's and Silvers Fish & Chips opened in the same building, just a few blocks from the old Millers' Grocery. They seem to remember there were some fights and they were targeting the Millers, so that was that.

I have pictures of Eastown, where the older Beerman was in the 60s and 70s, but my old brain has forgotten the blur and the pictures would be a real treat. This place was a touchstone of my childhood and I have fond memories of it and the old Millers' Grocery.

There were also a few seats at the back of the L, but the only thing I can remember was the pool hall and this bar has since been demolished. Esther's Price moved into the parking lot where the blockbuster used to stand, and there's still a Beerman on Lane Woodman in a mall on Dorothy Lane. I still hope the beer man stays for a while And I'm glad it's still around.

I would hate the shopping place to be empty and decaying, but the area continues to be doing well. I miss the Parkmoors because you could always go out for a good meal, find a friend to visit and forget about good food.

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