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You may be surprised to learn that Dayton, Ohio, is not a place to fly over or drive through, but one of the best places to live in the country, and also the best - secret - in the world.

The city of Kettering, Ohio, offers a quality of life enhanced by specialized senior services, a world-renowned outdoor music venue and a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. The crown jewel in Ketter is the Dayton Amphitheater - an amphitheater with 4,300 seats that Pollstar regularly selects among the top 100 outdoor amphitheaters nationwide. Ketters has 20 parks covering a total area of 1.15 square kilometers and is home to a major outdoor entertainment center that also hosts summer concerts by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the Ohio State University Philharmonic, as well as a variety of other outdoor events and festivals. It has a total of 20 parks, covering a total of 284 hectares of open space, and a leisure centre with over 1,000 square metres of indoor and outdoor space. And it hosts the largest open-air concert hall in the United States - the fourth largest in North America - and also hosts a summer concert by Dayton's Phil Harmonic.

Dayton is also home to Ohio State University's designated national park system, with its award-winning mountains and a number of state - the - recreational facilities.

Dayton and surrounding communities are home to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, one of the largest military bases in the United States. There is significant research and development at grassroots level, as well as the role it plays in our community, whether in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) or education.

Miami Valley Research Park, home to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Research and Development Center (WPRDC) and the University of Dayton, home to the Dayton Institute of Technology.

s office is in a happy Ohio town, which includes one of his favorite meetings called Greene, where we hang out after work, have lunch and sometimes watch a movie together. Kettering, Ohio has a fantastic city surrounded by some of the country's leading universities and research parks, as well as a thriving business park. Residents and businesses are located in thriving shops and parks, making Kettering a great place to feel at home not only in the city itself, but also in the surrounding fantastic cities.

If you are interested in educating your children, Kettering and the surrounding towns and the city itself have excellent public and private school facilities. The Ketterling City School District includes the University of Ohio, Ohio State University and Ohio University College of Education.

The city borders Ohio State University, Ohio University College of Education and the University of Ohio Medical Center. The city of Kettering and its neighboring cities Ketterling, Kettersburg and Ketterling Township as well as the cities of Piqua and West Chester.

The entire route connects the dense suburbs of the region with downtown Dayton, providing shuttle routes to and from Ohio State University, the University of Ohio Medical Center and other universities and hospitals.

The route leads from Wiltshire Boulevard to Irving Street, where the bike paths start at Brown Street and Caldwell Street to the University of Dayton campus. I was looking for a guide to guide me through the rest of the route and I'm glad I did because it's one of my favourites.

In the last three calendar years, the Virginia W. Kettering Foundation has paid a total of $3,934,705 to nonprofits that provide services in Montgomery and neighboring counties in Ohio. The Foundation supports the development and operation of Ketter Aspire, a nonprofit focused on education, health and wellness for children and adults in Montgomery County, as well as the education and health services of the University of Dayton and Montgomery Community Health Center, both operated by Ketters Aspiring.

The Dayton-Kettering Connector, which is part of the network of more than 1,000 Montgomery County health care providers of the Virginia W. Ketter Foundation.

The Ohio Department of Higher Education, which is a Board of Directors of Dayton University, where we are a regional partner with the Dayton Development Coalition. Ohio State is expanding the Ohio State Highway System, the state's largest public transportation system.

The city has 56,163 residents, making it the state's second-largest city after Dayton, Ohio, with a median income of $35,000 per person. The city also has the largest number of high school graduates in Ohio with an average age of 26.5 years, making it one of the youngest cities on the Ohio State University campus.

People are fantastic, Dayton is affordable, it's not pretentious at all and it's not just affordable But with a median income of $35,000, it has one of the highest median incomes of any Ohio city. Dayton and surrounding cities are known for their affordable housing, which is ranked second among the most affordable places to live in the United States, according to the US Census Bureau. As for the economy, Kettering, Ohio, has a number of expanding facilities, including the Ohio State University Business Park, the University of Dayton Business Center, a $1.5 million investment by the Dayton International Airport Authority (UDBA), and commitment to the redevelopment of the Ketterling Business Park has grown over the years. Last year, we had the opportunity to buy the large Miami Valley Research Park (which once belonged to four universities) for $2.1 million.

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